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I'm dreaming of a situation where New Orleans, who now only has rookie Austin Rivers as a prospective PG (Jack traded to GSW, Vasquez to europe) sign AK-47 and trade him to Toronto immediately in exchange for Calderon's expiring deal. They get a PG to bridge the gap until they have the PG of their future, and we get a stud combo-forward who is a former DPOY who will excel under a defense-first coach, plus we have a solid Euro presence on the team. With pieces like Lowry, Ross, Fields, Kiralenko, Davis, and Valanciunas we can legitimately become a great defensive team. We won't win our division with BKN, BOS, and NYK but we could land a 7 or 8 spot. If AK-47 will accept a deal that's frontloaded or is only 2 or 3 years long then I'd make the deal if available. NO can absorb money so AK-47 doesn't necessarily need to be paid $10M. I'd think $5-6M is reasonable, and certainly no contending team could offer that, but no deal beyond 3 years. Management has orchestrated the teams contract to provide flexibility in 3 years.
My understanding is that a player cannot be signed-and-traded unless they were on the active roster the previous season. For example, we could not have used Weems as a sign-and-trade since he was in Europe last year.

This would mean that Kirilenko could not be used in a sign-and-trade like this.