This whole Bosh saga is spiraling out of control. I'm not sure if people actually put thought into these extravagant trade scenarios or simply enjoy playing fantasy roulette with the raptors.

The first relevant point is whether or not we would even want to sign Bosh to max money at the end of the year. The argument for yes is a fairly simple one. He is having his best season ever and is arguably the top PF in the game. The counter would be that his numbers are peaking relative to his contract status and a max deal will only lead to season upon season of him shooting 18 foot jumpers and avoiding the rim. While Bosh might not exactly be the ideal guy to throw max money at, as he is not a 'go to' crunch time scorer, most people will agree he is a core building block and worth re-signing.

The next relevant point to consider is whether or not he would want to resign. The American media has been blasting away for months now that Bosh is going to bolt hands down. Stephen A. Smith said it early and now everyone is on board, but it doesn't appear that they have any more perspective then we do as day to day fans. In fact it would appear that they are actually outsiders peering in and have no evidence aside from internet rumors and baseless conjecture.

Historically, unrestricted free agents never ever leave for less money. The NBA is a business and playing basketball is thier job. Why would you leave a place you are comfortable and by all appearances happy for a strange place where you won't be paid as much. Shaq was the LAST max free agent in to leave and that was to LA to further his 'acting' career.

The NBA history is littered with free agents who have resigned with thier team even though they were less than content with the city, the direction of the franchise or players around him. Colangelo has done an admirable job surrounding Bosh with not only quality players, but players like Jack whom Bosh has a history with. His entire goal for the last year has been to build a contender that Bosh would feel comfortable playing for.

The raptors this year have beaten the Cavs, Magic, Spurs, Lakers and Mavericks and proven themselves if nothing else as a legitimate play off team. For Colangelo to spend so much time and effort building towards one goal and then to simply abandon it without Bosh indicating he wants to leave would add up to a Babcokian mistake and forever cement his legacy as the guy who traded Bosh for peanuts.

The only way he would trade Bosh is to be bowled over to borrow David Kahn's phrase, but it would tantamount to professional suicide to overpay for an unrestricted free agent who has publicly stated he is going to test the free market. I enjoy the Bosh trade rumors as much as anyone, but past history and present circumstances suggest that Bosh isn't going anywhere until July.