I did this over at RF back in the day and thought it might be nice to do it here to get to know your peeps a little better.

Pretty simple, just "copy & paste" the questions and edit the answers.

1) Age: 37
2) Born: Ottawa, ON
3) Hometown: Almonte, ON
4) What are your ethnic roots? German, Irish & Scottish
5) Favorite All time Raptor: Muggsy Bogues
6) Favorite Current Raptor: Jose
7) Favorite Non Raptors Players: Steve Nash
8) Which NBA team do you hate the most? Heat
9) Which NBA player to you hate the most? LeBron
10) Favorite Raptors moment: The day Vince was traded
11) Outside of basketball, who is your favorite athlete, past or present? Rick Mahorn
12) What team did you cheer for pre-Toronto? 76ers
13) What is your guilty pleasure? Sadly, reality television.
14) Favourite TV show (past or present): The Amazing Race, Deadwood, The Wire, Sopranos, The Office, Parks & Rec, New Girl
15) Things that freak you out: Toe thumbs
16) Music preference: Rock, punk, alt-country
17) Favourite album: "Tim" by The Replacements
18) Beverage preference: Beer and Scotch
19) If your life was turned into a movie, what actor would play you? Chris Farley "Fat guy in a little coat."
20) Assume your still single (if your currently not), celeb wise who would you date? Kate Beckinsale