1) Age: 35
2) Born: Calgary
3) Hometown: Calgary
4) What are your ethnic roots? British/Scottish/Irish/Manx/Italian
5) Favorite All time Raptor: Garbajosa
6) Favorite Current Raptor: Lowry (Come on, man, justify my love!) and Calderon. Hope those two guys get along, I don't want to have to pick sides!
7) Favorite Non Raptors Players: Kirilenko, Garnett
8) Which NBA team do you hate the most? Heat, Knicks
9) Which NBA player do you hate the most? James, Nate Robinson
10) Favorite Raptors moment: Just the whole spring of 2007. I really believed that it was going to be the start of great things for this team.
11) Outside of basketball, who is your favorite athlete, past or present?
12) What team did you cheer for pre-Toronto? Spurs, Jazz
13) What is your guilty pleasure? Red meat
14) Favourite TV show (past or present): Community, Parks & Rec, Arrested Development, Futurama, Fringe, Mad Men, SYTYCD.
15) Things that freak you out: I had a stalker once. That was pretty freaky.
16) Music preference: Indie/Alt rock, jazz, classical
17) Favourite album: Tom Waits - Mule Variations, Hold Steady - Boys and Girls in America, Charles Mingus - Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
18) Beverage preference: Unibroue beers, peaty scotches
19) If your life was turned into a movie, what actor would play you? Paul Giamatti (when he's looking a little leaner and meaner, as in Shoot 'Em Up).
20) Assume you're still single (if your currently not), celeb wise who would you date? Christina Hendricks. But my inability to maintain eye-contact would probably limit me to just one date.