Hey, wonder if any of you guys and/or girls, have tried some of the "internet" dating services? I decided to give it a try to see what it's all about and I'm signed up to quite a few of them.

My observations so far are;

-there's way more concistentsy and casualness and "average" people on the sites you pay to use.

-The sites that are meant mainly for intimate encounters(commonly known as sex) get way more consistent traffic and seem to have way more down to earth people and most people cheat the system and post their e-mail and facebook as contact.

-the free sites, basically everyone is very broad in what they are all about. But, it seems when you contact people, even ones who may not be single and are just looking to make new friends, don't respond and some have strict specifics of who can contact them. Which makes me wonder what the hell the point is?!

-People of both genders offer you undisclosed amounts of money to have sex with you. Personally, I stay away from those people.

-The people on the free sites that do contact you usually are not what I'm and I imagine most physically,mentally,emotionally stable people in the 18-30 region are looking for.

Overall, if you are looking for anything more than a hump n' dump or a friends with benefits type situation. You best pony up the moolah and stick to E-Harmony or Match.com for your best chances.

note:Although, I think this fits for both genders with minor alterations if you are a woman. I can't say for sure it applies if you're a woman.

These are just my opinions and observations. Anybody else who has joined "the online dating community" at one point or another. Feel free to chime in.