Without Looking, Guess Which Seven Teams Have Never Paid The Luxury Tax
6:14 AM Mark Deeks

......OK, now look.

I have compiled a spreadsheet containing to-the-dollar information on all luxury tax paid to date. In the 11 seasons since the luxury tax was created, it has been applicable in nine seasons; in those nine seasons, 23 NBA franchises have paid over $850 million in payroll excess. The exact details can be found here.

Raptors fans might be surprised to learn the Raptors are NOT one of those 7 teams..... although they have only paid $6.7M total and that was in the 2002/03 and 2003/04 seasons.

Brian Windhorst ‏@WindhorstESPN

Last team to win title w/o tax was Heat in '06. Pistons paid less than $1M, made 6 straight conf finals, Spurs have paid only $12.5 total
Brian Windhorst Brian Windhorst ‏@WindhorstESPN

7 teams have never paid tax according to Deeks' numbers including teams in big markets like Bulls, Clippers, Warriors & Wizards.
Brian Windhorst Brian Windhorst ‏@WindhorstESPN

According to the great @MarkDeeksNBA Knicks have paid $195M in luxury tax since '03. Blazers once paid $51M in 1 year: http://bit.ly/PL1Ujx