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Love Lowry, perfect addition at a good price.
Remember watching Fields in his rookie year and thinking "why do we never get finds like that, he's awesome (in an unspectacular way)".
Feel like BC did a good job of improving and adding the right guys but was, like many, hoping for a big splash. I love Iggy and think he's perfect for this team so those rumours had me excited.
Have no opinion on Ross, can't help but think Drummond was a hugely missed opportunitybut really wanted Barnes. Will just have to see how Ross fits I guess.

I like that we now have 3 starter positions filled and good players in Demar/Ross/Fields (hopefully) and still have good flexibility going forward. I want to see a perennial playoff team being built and I think that's happening.
Imagine a JV/Drummond front court in 3 or 4 years...

But he is a project, and for a team that wants to start winning sooner rather than later, he would not have been the right choice. I like Drummond in Detroit. They are going to rebuild around him and Knight and a few years down the line, they could have some talented players all taken through the draft.