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I find it interesting how a good portion of this thread was that a good olympics from Calderon would not change anyone's NBA perspective...where as I'm sure there are some people who are looking at Yi with different eyes after his performance against Spain.

Calderon's worth will not be altered drastically, but to see a fit within a different system could renew a teams interest. I'm not saying it will be so, but simply that a successful Olympics will be part of the picture of how he is viewed.
That's because there is a big difference between the two players. Calderon is what he is, everyone knows what he can and cannot. Now, if Calderon suddenly would start putting up 20+ points a game, I'd change my view. But that won't happen because we know what he is, and he will play accordingly; everybody knows he's solid in international play and that's what he'll show, nothing more, nothing less. Yi Jianlian on the other hand, is a dissapointing lottery selection. If he can show on an international stage that he can compete against top nba opponents (an effective 30 points against Spain today) that might change his stock a bit and help him to get more minutes next year. But it's also very well possible that this doesn't change the opinion of gm's at all because they know more about him than I do.