Recently our former beloved and at-times agitating PF hustle-man Kris Humphries is tearing it up with good off-the-pint contributions for the New Jersey Nyets.

Look at his stats for this score at the same night we dispatched the Heat:

That stat-line ain't bad, ain't it? Check out his game log on:

*Take note he started playing for the Nets on Jan 13, 2010 after a trade with Dallas

Consider the fact that Eduardo Nejara is traded and Sean Williams has been arrested for dumb-ass off-court activities, Kris Humphries is almost or is guaranteed with getting all the playing time he needs/wants.

So Hump is doing some serious stat-padding while his entire Nets team is in the crapper. Don't you feel good for this guy a bit? At times I totally wanted to clock this dude every time in the head when he takes an ill-advised jumper as a Raptor, but he really should still stay on the court because he chases every loose ball and swings the momentum of the game for the Raptors with his fast-break dunks. Blame him, his injuries, or just Smitch's atrocious rotations, but wouldn't you want this guy in our team again in exchange for POB under Jay Triano's rotation?

Prolly not because we have Amir Johnson, but we should always be in stock with quality Front court depth and hustle.

So the Nets are 4-40 now, but as I always put in mind for every NBA team: a single decent new player on a 15-player roster can change the attitude and complexion of an entire NBA ball club. So they got rid of an old guy, subtracted a criminal-record-dumb-thug , and added beef-and-hustle from Humphries. This might rub off on the Nets very positively and make them actually win against bad teams or teams that are sleeping. I think Humphries might make his current team the 2nd or 3rd worst team in the NBA.

We still got 3 games with the Nets to play and Hump will, yes I said WILL, get 30 minutes a game off the bench to to damage. Imagine if he sees us again, I'm sure he will be so motivated to steal rebounds away from us and make us throw a remote to our TVs. So don't ever take these Nets likely if they have Humphries off the bench, I'm telling ya'll.