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The raptors aren't making the playoffs. They're still lacking some things, i feel anyways. There are always injuries and regressions. Jose had a career year last year, but, he's not the starter anymore and is on the trade block.
There is one difference right there. Alot of little things went right last year that seem flukey.
Let's put this into perspective. How do we define "huge jump"? To me a huge jump would be 10-15 more wins. Philly got the 8th seed last year with an extrapolated 43 wins, this in a season where the east was supposed to be highly improved. The Raptors had an extrapolated record last year of 29-53 so they were essentially 14 games back of 8th seed when the dust settled. If the Raptors do take a huge jump then they will be in the hunt for 8th seed.