So i've been tasked with planning my buddy's bachelor party.

I'm aware that i SHOULD be the last person on this board asking for advice on it...

but i've been mandated to follow certain restrictions that confuse me...

i'm allowed to involve some "whoreishness" although there is a "line" that can't be crossed.... in my mind that line should be "make sure there are ample condoms available".... apparently, my "line" is much too liberal..

also, my WHITE friend has asked, in his words, "no retarded honky shit"... which i assume means, no making him wear stupid outfits, no writing on his ass with magic markers, etc etc

also he does have a slight case of "yellow fever".... and by slight, i mean SEVERE..

any suggestions for clubs/restaurants/peelers (that don't cross the line..... because i really couldn't name one)?