This is a little early seeing how Yahoo hasn't even launched their fantasy hoops offering for the upcoming season but given the interest I figured I'd start this now.

This will be the inaugural season of the fantasy hoops dynasty league. Now some important information:

  • Standard Yahoo league scoring
  • 15 man roster (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Util, Util, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN)
  • Year 1 draft will be a live auction featuring both veterans and rookies
  • Year 2 draft and there after will be a live standard draft featuring only rookies.
    • Draft order to be determined later. Most likely a lottery system will be deployed.
  • Draft picks can be traded, Yahoo should be able to support this without me rolling up my sleeves... But we will see.
  • Salary cap will be based on years and the cap will be 35 years. After the draft is complete you will assign years to your players. The total of all players combined on your roster cannot be greater than 35 at this point in the off-season.
  • After this point free agency begins. Teams may sign players to multi-season contracts if they have the cap space. If they do not have cap space than can sign players to one year deals; such a player cannot be extended in the off-season.
  • Free agency will use a money system. Each team is given equal FA dollars which they can use to place secret bids on FA's who are currently on waivers. When a player is signed the team must immediately post on the league page or the league thread if it is a multi-season signing. If no mention is made within a one week window of the signing then the signing is deemed a one year deal regardless of cap space.
  • Released players' contracts will continue count against a team's cap.
    • One exception. Each team has a one time amnesty clause available for use. This will allow you to cut one player in the off-season without any salary cap implications.
  • At the end of the year you are allowed to two sign players on your roster to an extension for as many years as you want provided you remain under cap. This decision must be made prior to the draft.

I may be looking for an assistant commissioner. If anyone is interested private message me and I will keep it in mind if this thing becomes too much for one person. I will track the cap and other things in Microsoft Excel so basic Excel knowledge would be a must.

I have a running list of those who have expressed interest to me. It's already enough for a ten man league. I am going to carefully pick the people for this because it's a long term commitment and we don't want anyone joining for a season only to quit or to have a bad season and bail on the league, etc. The league won't be capped at 12 teams like the other league, so this might be really big with multiple divisions. I strongly encourage those who are part of the keeper league to join because I know you're all solid. Beyond that regular posters will have a much better shot at getting in than the rest.