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Thanks for the answers; I got a followup question about this one.

I meant the following: after each season every team will have to drop about 5/6 players (I guess). Due to the cap of 35 years for 15 players and allowing re-signing of 2 players each season a team can 'only' have a core off about 9 players (e.g. 2 signed for 1 year, 2 for 2, 2 for 3, 2 for 4, 1 for 5 makes 25, 10 under the cap for 6 players and manouvring room during the season).

That means every year, with a 16-team league, about 90 players will be free-agent after the season (or at the start of the next?). That's a lot, and probably there will be quite a few players people are interested in.

What happens with these players, when can you pick them up in the next season? Are they simply free-agents and will I have to sleep at the door of the league to be there the exact moment the season starts and I can pick them up before anyone else does? How will this work?
The cap is 30, isn't?

Here is a breakdown of the next 1.5 years in this league:
  • Live auction draft
  • Cap set
  • Free agency open
  • Cap set for free agent signings
  • Season starts
  • Trade deadline
  • Playoffs
  • Re-signings
  • Cut day
  • Draft lotto
  • Standard draft(non-snaking)
  • Free agency
  • Cap set for free agent signings
  • Season starts

The event in red is where the cut players come up for grabs again. The only way they can be more than rentals is if you save cap space to extend them deals beyond 1 year. You can land there players on waivers first or then after they clear waivers without eating into your WW budget.