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For one I think that's making it overly complex. And I don't think team 16 is without chances in consolation rounds. It's not like he has to go up against the nr 1 team. If the nr. 16 team is that bad that he's without chances in the consolation rounds that's just and only because of bad management.

I'm not saying that the team that comes last must have the worst manager (just throwing that in here in case I become last) but being without chances against the number 9? 7 years of first overall picks won't help that guy. And if it's because of injuries, his team isn't as bad as it seems.
Fair enough. Absolutely the complexity issue would be in the hands of those doing the Math.

People loose interest when they loose. It is fairly consistent in these games. There are many reasons for loosing. Opportunities to improve have to exist.

Stacked teams= small league

I 100% agree in not rewarding non participation however i would prefer that the opportunity to improve is well established.