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And that's all everyone was talking about when it first leaked and right up until Nash bailed on the Toronto idea. Then the spin doctors went to work repairing the damage... They deserve a raise.

I don't know off hand but why does that matter? Since when did the terms "responsible" and "at all costs" start fitting together?
Are you saying you don't like revisionists?

Yes, we overpaid by ~$2M a year in my opinion. And having an overpaid SG/SF can prevent us from pursuing a better one at a fairer market price should one become available.

The other thing that makes me shrug is how many RR posters overvalue 1st round draft picks when we are to acquire them but are quick to dismiss them when we trade them. Don't get me wrong, I believe the Lowry trade was a good one but that's because I am not in love with the potential of having the possibility of drafting prospect with perceived high ceiling that they will likely never touch with a ten-foot pole.