They say the customer is always right. Today, one of our most loyal readers, POPPI GEE commented this on my Ramon Sessions article:

“Hey DIME are you all ever going to do those joints where the fans ask questions that the players answer. I love those?”

Not only do I think that’s a cool idea, but it so happens, Toronto is in town tonight. So we are giving you guys the opportunity to submit any questions you have (within reason) to any Raptors player you want.

So now is your time to find out more about Chris Bosh’s free agency. Or if you are from Toronto, find out what spots the Raptors like to go to or what their favorite movies are. You guys can submit until 5 p.m. ET tonight. I will try my best to get as many of your questions answered. Also, feel free to send questions to some of the Knicks players. I will post the answers tomorrow morning.

Disclaimer: Typically, during media availability in the locker rooms before games, the star players will hide in the trainer’s room to avoid media. You are free to submit questions to Bosh or Andrea Bargnani, but you’re question will most likely be answered if you submit a question to players like Marco Belinelli, DeMar DeRozan, Antoine Wright or Jarrett Jack.
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