First off, I understand that this is a fantasy trade proposal forum and people can post whatever trades they want on the forums. That being said, it's getting really annoying people are posting ridiculous trades without thinking the trade through. Some of them don't make any sense to any of the teams (Raptors or trading team). Some of them don't even work because one of the team are way above the salary cap after the trade. I know this is fantasy trade proposal forum where people can pretend that they are BC, but there should be a limit to how ridiculously stupid and unrealistic the trades get. If you're a rookie and it's like your first few times posting on RR, please at least do some research or thinking before posting trades and put down your rational behind the trade for ALL teams involved (not just the reasons why the Raptors would do it). Is it that hard to check the NBA trade machine before posting? Is it that hard to make sure that both sides benefit from the trade before posting? People who don't even put any thought into their trade before posting clearly is not providing anything useful to the trade forums. I'm not trying to be disrespectful but it's getting rather aggravating when a good 80% of the trades on the trade proposal forum (as of late) have been absolutely ridiculous unrealistic! Thoughts?!?