I know a lot of us were frustrated by some of Triano's coaching decisions (substitutions, plays, rotations, strategy, Calderjack combo etc.) earlier in the season, but I for one am noticing an improvement. Yes, yes I'm no expert but being able to look at things from a distance, can sometimes give you a perspective you can't see when your in the thick of it. Triano was catching a lot of heat not too long ago but what we have to remember is that he is basically a rookie coach in the NBA. There will be a learning curve and he seems to be adjusting nicely right now. He will still make mistakes and decisions that will frustrate us-like not bringing in JJ (who was having a great game) sooner into the 4th quarter in the Lakers game.

Oh, those are a crafty group of coaches on that Raptors staff.

For most of the first three quarters, I’m wondering when they’ll send a second defender at Dwyane Wade or try to trap him coming off screens because they’d just been forcing him one way with only one defender.

Well, here comes the fourth quarter and here comes an entirely different look and it was all planned, as it turns out, according to Jay after the game:

“Throughout the game, we tried to show him different guys ad then we were sitting on trapping him. We waited and waited and waited and finally, in the fourth quarter, we thought it was time to hit him and make somebody else to have to make shots because the way he had it going for a while there, it was one of those games where you didn’t want to give him the opportunity to take over.

“We didn’t want to wait too long but he gave it up and other guys missed shots so the strategy worked.”

So there is method to the apparent madness.
What are your guys' take on Triano's coaching right now. Is he performing better than expected, not meeting expectations? Is the fact that the Raps are winning games now hiding his deficiencies? Or are the Raps' winning ways a direct correlation to Triano's coaching abilities?