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    I will preface this by saying I've been home sick with Strep throat the past few days, and so I've really had to struggle finding ways to kill time.

    That being said, Wikipedia is probably my favourite distraction. Besides RR of course.

    Anywho, I was doing some WikiDigging (read some, click a related/deeper link, read some, click deeper etc.), so I don't really know exactly how I got to reading about it, but I stumbled on Wiki's article on the Avro Arrow, which ultimately led me to the Wonderful made-for-TV movie CBC did on the Avro Arrow, entitled "The Arrow". Dan Akroyd, plus some other pretty great cameos make for an entertaing watch.

    *For anyone interested. Its long. I had to watch it in pieces, but hey, when you're home sick, you can only play so many videogames.

    I remember when this aired on CBC way back in the Nineties, and it fueled some very serious interest in the Avro program amongst my generation. And ultimately lead to another generation being completely dismayed over the Fact that we had such an incredible piece of Technology, made by our own Engineers, and we through it away.

    It's one of our few National Travesties, I tell ya.

    Some great Archival footage. I'd never actually seen this before:

    What about you younger guys? I really hope they still teach about this thing in History class.
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