Bill Simmons had written a book called "The Book of Basketball". In one of his chapters in his book he lists out his Wine Cellar Team.

His definition of such a team is to pick the best 12 guys on the roster to ever play the game. The one rule is that you can only choose one guy from one particular season. For example, if he chose Michael Jordan, he could only select a Michael Jordan from one season that he played. The term 'wine cellar' comes for the fact that a bottle of wine is typically selected based on its year. So if we chose Vince Carter, it would be a specific Vince Carter from one season, and not the entire Vince Carter package that we see today.

I was reading some of that book this weekend, and was thinking about who I would place on the Toronto Raptors Wine Cellar Team.

So if I was able to borrow the DeLorean and a Flux Capicator, so that I can arrange to get 12 guys (and a coach) to play a game of basketball, this is what I would like to see happen:

C - Antonio Davis (2000-2001)
PF - Chris Bosh (2008-2009)
SF - Morris Peterson (2005-2006)
SG - Vince Carter (2000-2001)
PG - Damon Stoudamire (1996-1997)

Marcus Camby (1997-1998)
Charles Oakley (2000-2001)
Doug Christie (1996-1997)
Anthony Parker (2006-2007)
Jose Calderon (2007-2008)
Jorge Garbajosa (2006-2007)
Alvin Williams (2002-2003)

Dwane Casey (2011-2012)

My team is not just based on the best statistical season. For example, Chris Bosh's best statistical season was 2009-2010, however he had one foot out the door after the all-star team, and in my opinion that's not a worthy season for me. I also picked some character guys that I would like on the team (Jorge, Jose, Alvin, and Anthony for example). And even though Casey only coached one season.. I'd rather have him coach the team then anybody else.

Who would you put on your wine cellar team?