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    Default Another Gay trade

    I can't help it, I keep trying to come up with trades that are fair/decent, should the opportunity arise before/during the season for the Raptors to acquire Rudy Gay from Memphis.

    NOTE #1
    - the trade shown in the ESPN Trade Machine does not include picks that would be included in the trade

    NOTE #2
    - there would be 2 trades happening BEFORE the linked trade, to turn 3 Toronto 2nd round picks (SAC '13, TOR '13, TOR '14) and 1 Denver 2nd round pick (DEN '14) into 2 late 1st round picks (ie: both would be 2 x early 2nd round picks for 1 late 1st round pick)
    - ie: SAC's '13 2nd round pick & TOR's '13 2nd round pick (and cash, if necessary) to SA for their '13 1st round pick (or some other team willing to giveup late 1st round pick for 2 x 2nd round picks)
    - ie: TOR's '14 2nd round pick & DEN's '14 2nd round pick (and cash, if necessary) to MIA for their '14 1st round pick (or some other team willing to giveup late 1st round pick for 2 x 2nd round picks)

    TRADE LINK - Option A:
    TRADE LINK - Option B:

    * I think Option B would actually be the only viable option, since ESPN's Trade Machine isn't including Gray's contract in the calculation for Toronto's salary cap (I think Option A would be too much incoming salary and not enough outgoing salary for Toronto)

    - Ed Davis (Option A) / Amir Johnson (Option B)
    - 2014 1st round pick (ie: Miami's '14 1st round pick)

    - Jose Calderon
    - Josh Selby

    - Wilson Chandler
    - DeMar DeRozan
    - rights to Thomislav Zubcic*
    - 2013 1st round pick (ie: San Antonio's '13 1st round pick)

    - Rudy Gay
    - Roddy Beaubois
    - Dahantay Jones
    - Vince Carter

    * Zubcic could possibly go to Dallas instead of Memphis, if Memphis doesn't want/need him and/or if Dallas needs a little more in return

    - acquire a good, young backup PF (currently only have Faried & Randolph on their roster)
    - Amir would be roughly equal money to Chandler, while Davis would save Denver roughly $3-4M each of the next 3 years (assuming all team options are picked-up)
    - are still set on the wings: Gallinari, Iguodala, Brewer, Q.Miller, Fournier and even Randolph
    - add a late 1st round pick in 2014

    - acquire a veteran starting PG, bumping Collison to backup duties
    - acquire a young, cheap, capable third string PG in Selby (currently have no third PG, unless you count West)
    - Dallas saves $2.3M this season, while also freeing up $3.2M more next offseason for their pursuit of free agents ($6.45M next offseason if you were to include Beaubois' QO)
    - are still set at SG: Mayo, West, Cunningham

    - replace Gay with Chandler at starting SF spot
    - DeRozan effectively replaces Mayo as offensive part of SG combo with Allen
    - Bayless becomes third SG/PG
    - add a late 1st round pick in 2013
    - add rights to 2nd round pick - Zubcic (another trade asset, at the very least)
    - Memphis saves roughly $8M this season, bringing them well under the luxury tax threshold

    - replace DeRozan (starting SF) with Gay
    - replace Calderon (backup PG) with Beaubois
    - added defensive wing depth with Jones (assume Carter will be bought-out immediately)
    - excluding Carter, Toronto adds roughly $5.5M this season (if Davis is traded) or roughly $1.7M this season (if Amir is traded)

    C: Valanciunas, Gray
    PF: Bargnani, Amir/Davis, Acy
    SF: Gay, Kleiza, Anderson
    SG: Fields, Ross, Jones
    PG: Lowry, Beaubois, Lucas

    I think Denver (Chandler --> Amir/Davis & 1st round pick) and Memphis (Gay & Selby --> Chandler & DeRozan & 1st round pick) get really good returns for their players, while Dalls (Beaubois & Jones & Carter --> Calderon) unloads crap contracts for a veteran pass-first PG for Dirk's last title run.

    Obviously it is dependent on being able to complete 2 trades that each turn 2 2nd round picks (and cash) into a 1st round pick, but I don't think it would be too hard. There are several teams each year that look to sell their 1st round pick to save the guaranteed money, and if they could pickup 2 early-mid 2nd round picks as well, I'm sure willing partners could be found.
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