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Thread: A Virus that kills Cancer.

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    Default A Virus that kills Cancer.

    This article is incredibly mind-blowing and terribly depressing at the same time.

    Literally, the potential Cure for Cancer, has been sitting in a fridge in Sweden since 2010, but because Pharmaceudical companies can't patent it and make a fortune off it, they won't run it through trials, to get it to market.

    On the snow-clotted plains of central Sweden where Wotan and Thor, the clamorous gods of magic and death, once held sway, a young, self-deprecating gene therapist has invented a virus that eliminates the type of cancer that killed Steve Jobs.

    'Not "eliminates"! Not "invented", no!' interrupts Professor Magnus Essand, panicked, when I Skype him to ask about this explosive achievement.

    'Our results are only in the lab so far, not in humans, and many treatments that work in the lab can turn out to be not so effective in humans. However, adenovirus serotype 5 is a common virus in which we have achieved transcriptional targeting by replacing an endogenous viral promoter sequence by…'

    It sounds too kindly of the gods to be true: a virus that eats cancer.

    'I sometimes use the phrase "an assassin who kills all the bad guys",' Prof Essand agrees contentedly.

    Cheap to produce, the virus is exquisitely precise, with only mild, flu-like side-effects in humans. Photographs in research reports show tumours in test mice melting away.

    'It is amazing,' Prof Essand gleams in wonder. 'It's better than anything else. Tumour cell lines that are resistant to every other drug, it kills them in these animals.'
    Read the rest HERE.

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    Lots of alternative cancer therapies that are actually being used, and are approved, in countries outside North America, but not in use here.

    This one sounds promising. A lot of other on the horizon as well. If you can make it for the next 10 years without dying from cancer, you probably won't.

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    two articles about itilian dr. Simoncini fighting cancer with baking soda.

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