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I guess it is my bad for not making it clear that I wasn't suggesting using one isolated play to make some kind of final determination on a players worth, versus 1000's of numbers derived form a stats sheet.

Let's get even more hypothetical. A PG consistently gets into time clock problems as he pounds the ball trying to get his own shot off. As the seconds wind down, he consistently makes desperation drives to the hoop, hoping something will open up, or maybe believing he will attract defenders to him and there will be an easy pass available. Of course, his defenders know this will happen, because he does it over and over again so their are staying in front of him (he doesn't have the ability to ball handle around them, or the speed) and they also close off the passing lanes. So our PG winds up making his last second desperation pass anyway, to a wing who is trying to get open for a pass, knowing the PG is going to desperately need someone to pass to, and has just .5 seconds to make the shot. This low percentage shot misses. The PG does not get dinged. The shooter does. If this happens over and over again, the stats are skewed and do not represent a good picture of where the problem lies with the offence when this particular player is on the floor.

If you don't see my point, then never mind. Let's talk about something else.
But the PG does get 'dinged' with low scoring and low assist numbers. When you see that you can question just how 'good' of a PG that player really is.