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Thread: chisholm on bigs

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    Default chisholm on bigs

    sorry if it has been posted already but i haven't seen it.

    agree with a lot but i disagree with bigV not starting center. I see it being a more gray/val combo there then gray/johnson. I think on nights where we aren't up against the really strong centers or centers that don't get much offensive touches that bigV is going to be the starter. i think against the bynums, howards and garnetts that they will start gray or johnson. this gives jonas the best possible chance to gain confidence and watch other players against the better centers. i said it before that i feel he will be on the court as long as his fouls allow.

    i am also of the davis over johnson ilk. i know we are looking for a solid/stable roster and that also follows the starters to the first couple guys off the bench and with davis so much cheaper he becomes the easier throw in trade and more desireable asset for other teams.
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    I think Jonas will get every chance to win the starting spot in training camp/preseason.

    His fouls will be the biggest factor in his minutes.

    By the end of the season, barring injury, Jonas should be the starting 5.
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    It wouldn't necessarily surprise me to see Jonas starting opening night, even if they cap his minutes (much like DeRozan's rookie year).

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