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And you question my open- mindedness and objectivity?

So let me get this straight:

You are calling the article a puff piece because he uses a variety of stats to support his position but yet you don't actually give specifics on what you are in disagreement over?

Also, please tell me how am I misrepresenting your position instead of passing the buck. Please give actual specifics on why the Raptors will not make the playoffs. Brotherston wrote an article on why the Raptors will make the playoffs. Instead of calling it a puff piece and taking jabs at me (even when I originally agreed with one of your points) could you tell us why you don't think the Raptors will make the playoffs with something more specific than 'not everything will go right for the team'? Using that 'simpleton logic' one could easily counter that not everything will go wrong.
Oh please I already stated how the stats were inconsistent. Go back and read. I'm not going to breakdown his entire article because you want me to or simply won't research how yourself.

You were the one who responded to me remember? The one who made assumptions. I'm not "passing the buck".

Oh and I never said the Raptors will not make the playoffs. Nor did I say everything will go wrong. Straw men again.