Toronto Raptors trade Andrea Bargnani, DeMar DeRozan and Ed Davis to the Golden State Warriors for David Lee, Klay Thompson and Festus Ezeli.

Why Golden State would to this?

In Bargs, they would get the perfect complement to center Andrew Bogut, as the big is a really good rebounder who bangs inside. Bargnani is more of a finesse post player who likes to play inside/out, to not say outside/in... Also, he's younger and clearly taller than Lee.

In DeMar, they would also get the perfect complement to Barnes. Harrison is a really good shooter and DeMar is more of an athletic force. He's a bit older than Klay Thompson so he would fit nicely in a playoff willing team like the Warriors.

As for Davis, they would get a really good backup at the 4 and 5 spots. He's young and he still got a lot of things to improve in his game, but he's surely more ready to contribute than the young Ezeli.

Why would Toronto do this?

In David Lee, they get a real power forward who will score and rebound at will. He's also a good playmaker out of the post. As for his defence, if Casey was able to make Bargnani play defense, Lee will probably be the next Ben Wallace (Only on defense ).

Klay Thompson is a really good shooter. That's what we want from our shooting guard. He's really young but he already knows the NBA game. Plus he ain't only a shooter. He's a team player and he can handle the ball really well.

Festus Ezeli would be the perfect 3rd center. He's a really strong and powerfull player. He can definitely bang down low and will probably be a good backup center in his career, if not a starter one day. Also, he's legit: 6'11, 255 lbs.

Let's take a look at both rosters after the trade:

Andrew Bogut | Andris Biedrins | Jeremy Tyler
Andrea Bargnani | Carl Landry | Ed Davis
Harrison Barnes | Richard Jefferson | Draymond Green
DeMar DeRozan | Brandon Rush | Kent Bazemore
Stephen Curry | Jarrett Jack | Charles Jenkins

Aaron Gray | Jonas Valanciunas | Festus Ezeli
David Lee | Amir Johnson | Quincy Acy
Landry Fields | Linas Kleiza
Klay Thompson | Terrence Ross | Alan Anderson
Kyle Lowry | Jose Calderon | John Lucas

What y'all folks be thinkin'?