As the Raptors are currently constructed with players, coaches, and management could you please tell me why you are down on the Raptors if you feel that way. This is my biased perspective but I find many people argue against the optimistic view without providing any insightful or concrete reasons why the Raptors are not improving or making progress.

The standard reasons for pessimism that I am aware of include:

  • Colangelo is incompetent.
  • Historically the Raptors suck, why should things change now.
  • Toronto should not have an NBA team because no one wants to play in Toronto.
  • Toronto has no franchise talent or All-Star and that is the only way to win in the NBA.
  • Championships are the only thing that matter.

So, if you are of this persuasion, please tell me why the Raptors are not improving or making progress?