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I don't think your last statement is pessimistic at all. The Raps are a long way from competing for a Championship, but I would suggest that outside of 4ish teams all franchises are in the same boat to verying degrees. If you think the Nets are going to compete against the Lakers, the Heat, OKC for a title, they are not. They are major pieces away from that as well, and have a crippling salary to show for it. Are they farther along than the Raps, probably, but will win the exact same number of titles as we will this year.
Honestly, I'm past the point of taking solace in other franchise's missteps as well. The Nets overspending for practically everyone on their roster and watching it potentially implode over the next few seasons will be somewhat entertaining to watch from a distance, but it will ultimately have very little impact on where the Raptors go over the same time frame.