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I'm pessimistic because there isn't much reason for optimism.

The team as constituted:

Bargs: an incredibly skilled big who is defensively unreliable and a historically poor rebounder
DeRozan: a hard-working kid with big ups who can't really shoot from range and can't get his shot off against above-average defenders
Amir: a great 7th or 8th guy
JV: a rookie center, who, even if he pans out, will need 3-5 years to develop. Haven't seen too much from the kid yet.
Weak at the 3.
An above average (10-15th ranked) point guard and trade bait backup

This lineup scares no one.

Other reasons for dismay:

An improved but still very average bench
A GM who clearly doesn't have a plan. His pursuit of Nash showed as much.
No all-star talent since CB4 and none in the works. Bargs playing well for 13 games does not count. JV is a question mark.
A team/city that's held in poor regard by other players
Other teams in our division improving and/or having deep pockets
A fan base that overestimates its chances/talent, underestimates the talent on other teams, and always hopes for next year
This is another good post. I don't necessarily agree but I appreciate the time put in to constructive insights.