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I suppose what I was asking you came out wrong... you obviously aren't happy with the Raptors current state of affairs and from what I read (and some reading between the lines), it seemed like you were in the minority, being opposed to the moves made by BC this offseason.
Minority/majority means nothing to me. Majority of people still think it's the right thing to have Bargnani on the team when in reality he should have been traded a long time ago. Somehow those 13 games justifies it now? But that is beside the point..

I think Terrence Ross was a good choice. I'd forgotten about him after March but I had him on my short list months before as a potential guy we should look at. Lowry -- we still have to wait and see. He can play defense but can he run an offense? We were one of the worst offensive teams last year and near top 10 defensively. Now we add a defensive point guard which improves an already good defense, but can Lowry shoot? Can he pass? Or will he be more in the shoot-my-way-out, a 42% career shooter? I guess we'll find out. Even if Landry Fields is decent, he's a product of a huge error in judgment by Colangelo.. something I've gotten used to over the years. I don't understand why Acy is still on the team. Casey is the lone move that I would say was absolutely a good thing, but that was done last year.

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All I was really trying to figure out is what exactly would make you happy? I don't mean the results, as we'd obviously all like a championship caliber team, or at least a team that continuously improves (ie: fighting for playoffs, making playoffs, fighting to make 2nd round, etc...) and does so is a sustainable fashion.

The majority of people on here admit/know/realize/accept that there have been some positives and negatives when it comes to BC's decision-making over the years, but most people have been happy with the change of direction in the post-Bosh era - ie: personnel moves, removing bad salaries, hiring Casey, etc... and see all these moves as a positive step in the right direction.
Interesting question. I need to see results. A winning record would be nice, but probably too much to ask for this season. Some people have said it'd be nice if we can stay with teams during games and keep it close. We did that a lot last year so I'd want more than that. I've seen some reasons for fans to be optimistic throughout Colangelo's 6 years only to end in disappointment, so excuse me for not having the same optimism as "most people". There are definitely some positive steps to be seen here, but we've seen positives throughout the past 6 years that turned out to be mirages.

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So, aside from just having years worth of bad taste in your mouth for BC and management/ownership, I'm just struggling to understand what has you feeling so down on the future of the franchise over the next few seasons. I'm asking you out of curiosity only, not asking you to 'prove' or 'justify' your opinion, or anything like that. Without understanding your complaints/rationale, it just sounds like "BC Bashing/Hate", since it's pretty obvious that the post-Bosh BC is taking a completely different strategy than the Bosh-era BC (at least it is to me and seemingly the majority of folks on here). Maybe it's just that I'm looking only at the post-Bosh era and the future, whereas you can't get past the entirety of BC's reign... in which case we're talking about two different things and will likely never see eye-to-eye.
Aside from it?! Why would you take away the premise of my reasoning to argue your point? How about this -- aside from a few positive changes after FIVE AND A HALF years of terrible decision making, what's YOUR reason to be optimistic?

Seriously man, you need to learn how to argue a point without dismissing the basis of the other person's argument.

It's not bashing or hate -- it's doubt based on a proven track record. Bashing or hate would be unjustified negativity. Until you can show me results of something BC has done that has been a positive influence towards the team (ie a winning record), there is very little you can do to prove to me that he is doing anything right.