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Thread: Feeling down on the Raptors? Please tell me why.

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    I wonder what the general consensus would be if the Raps had won the coin flip and drafted Barnes at 7?

    Oh yeah, the coin flip was another sort of those things that were beyond the GM's control.
    That's just it. For every unlucky story, there are so many stories of luck... Orlando drafting Hardaway & Shaq in back-to-back years, with the lowest % chance of getting the #1 pick... championship contender San Antonio losing Robinson to a serious injury, just at the right time in the right year to wind up forming the twin towers by drafting Duncan... the list goes on and on. A sound strategy for sustainable roster acquisition and development is crucial... though a little luck can go a looooong way!

    Or you can look at Cleveland, who actually has had picks high as OKC did for multiple drafts (2 top-4 in 2011). Instead of having a three-headed monster like Durant(1)/Westbrook(4)/Harden(3), they have Irving(1)/Thompson(4)/Waiters(4)/Zeller(17 via trade for 24). In their case, you could say they were following the 'OKC model' perfectly... except they drafted more like Portland, rather than OKC!

    Now there's an interesting question: Would you rather have Cleveland's roster which have had as many multiple top-5 1st round picks in successive drafts as OKC did (to draft Durant/Westbrook/Harden), or would you rather have Toronto's roster which has only had 1 top-7 pick in the past six years? It's bad drafting with great lottery luck VS good drafting with no lottery luck, by teams both going through post-superstar rebuilding via draft and organic growth.
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