Alright, this is unsettling just to type about,but,curiosity finds me telling this.

Disclaimer:What you are about to read was actually experienced in a completely sane,sober state as fucked up as it is. It's not something that happened in a dream or a movie and it's not some dillusion.

Alright, I'm not sure how to explain this. So, I'm just going to start and make it straight forward.

Alright,so, when I was a baby my grandfather had a stroke. He was rushed to hospital and put on life support.My Nana(his wife) was told that doctors could either cut open the brain and do what they can and he'd live. But, he'd be a vegetable(have no quality of life). She said she won't do that to him and doctors said "ok,well we can basically comfort him until he goes". So, then all of his family was called in along with a priest(for obvious reasons). So, he passes and the family is given their own private room to grieve. So, we're in there and my mom realizes she's forgotten the baby bag for me in Papa's room. So, she goes back to grab it and my uncle is in the room looking out the window. They had yet to move my Papa's body. So,my mom bends down to grab the baby bag...and this is where it gets Papa's body sits up and my mom looks up,my uncle turns around and looks and they see these white lights and then my Papa's body goes back down and my uncle and mom look at each other in disbelief and never really spoke about it again until recently, seperate times. First my mom got drunk enough to actually ask my uncle if he saw what she saw and he said yes.

Then another time, my mom explained it to my dad's uncle and he said he experienced something similair when his mom passed.

Again, I'm not making this up as much as I'd like to. It actually happened. My mom has told me the story at least twice. It's so crazy and three people to validate it that there is no way it's made up.

It's weird as fuck. But, I want to know if anybody else has experienced this? and want anybody else who has to know longer think they are going insane.