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did you just say blaming our own government? last time i checked we were in Canada not USA. We are two different countries with two completely different governments. Bush was a total retard so i wouldn't be surprised if he did pull something like that. Again i'm not saying i believe its true, i'm just telling you guys its a possibility. We still don't know the real truth behind what happened.
To clarify, I do understand that Canada and America are two different countries with two different governments.. Also, I'm just a young guy so I'm not trying to pretend I know a whole lot about anything.
What I'm trying to say is, neither do you. You know nothing about architecture. You know little about American politics. You know little about terrorism and the people in this world that really don't like you, and really would kill you if they had the chance. And neither do I, so we're on equal footing.

What I do know is that I had family that died that day, and I have family fighting overseas to protect their country (and ours too... You think if America were overrun we'd be given a pass?) You walk up to a person who's lost loved ones in 911 and tell them you watched a youtube video so you're now an expert and know that their family was killed by their own government for some oil drums and you know what you get?
People who are pissed off.
And don't drop the retard bomb.. That's ignorant too.

Sorry. Soft spot