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Thread: RR Fantasy Hoops Keeper League - S3

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    Quote Mack North wrote: View Post
    6 guys at $30 a piece? Wow. That would be interesting to go into the draft at $20 to spend. But then again, 6 guys may be the key to your success. Great season once again, I will not be talking smack if I face you week 1 again!
    My thinking for the "at Least 5", is that last year I spent $149 on my Top 5 players (3 Keepers and 2 Draftees); so maintaining that $150-bill for 5 Players can work.

    Furthering that thinking, I spent $171 on my Top-6 players; Only $9 off from the $180 Bill of keeping 6 players.
    However, $9 can be a big deal at the end of the draft ... so I'm torn on the 6-keepers. Like you said, $20 to draft with is a scary thought. Haha

    And thanks man! I expect plenty of Trash talking from here on out from everybody. Comes with the territory after all the congratulations have worn off. Haha

    Quote Soft Euro wrote: View Post
    I want to keep only three players, but it's going to be very hard for me not to keep 5 as well; considering I got 5 guys in the top 25.
    Ya I've got 5 that finished in the Top 20. And that doesn't include Pau, who is easily a Top 20 player when Healthy (he would be my 6th). I'll be putting Monta Ellis and Eric Gordon back in the Draft Pool though, so there will certainly be some potential Keeper talent in the Draft.
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