If the lockout happens like it looks it will, do the Raps come out winners in this? On the heels of an NBA lockout that may have cost the team some of it's casual fans, the NHL looks to be dug in for a lockout of it's own. New Ownership of MLSE by Bell/Rogers for the first time as well. With the new owners having only one product to sell in the near future, is this a benefit to us? Also, with major Canadian sports channels having nothing much with a puck to show off, do the Raps get extra attention? On the plus side, more attention means more fans turned on to Raptors, and basketball itself. On the downside, we're in a pivotal year, with lots of new faces and a team, much like the Leafs, hoping to end a long playoff drought. Does the extra scrutiny help the Raps, or put even more pressure on them to perform? Do you see us nearing the All-Star break, with hockey still a ways off and MLSE putting more effort into making the Raps a marketable/winning product than they might have with the Leafs competing for fan attention? Is this a win for us, or too much attention on a young team that's not ready for the full spotlight?