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Derrick Rose
Rajon Rondo
Chris Paul
Deron Williams
Steph Curry
Jrue Holliday
Jose Calderon
Ty Lawson
Eric Bledsoe
Steve Nash
Ricky Rubio
Goran Dragic
Kyrie Irving
Brandon Jennings
Mike Conley
Greivis Vazquez
John Wall
Mike Conley
Tony Parker
Kemba Walker
Russell Westbrook
Jeff Teague
Damian Lillard
Tyreke Evans

All these guys are a BETTER PG than Lowry.

And like i said before, Lowry is an unproven PG. He's a career backup. And so far he's proving me right.
Deron Williams is overrated. Having such an average season. I would say no. Bad contract too.

Jose? Seriously. There's a reason we kept Lowry.

Bledsoe can't run a team. Numbers back it up when CP3 was out.

Nash is declining. Watch the Lakers play.

Rubio MIGHT be better down the road. Great passer, great court vision. But doesn't have a perimeter shot, and a just as bad a defender as Jose.

Dragic is okay, not having a better season than Lowry though, an impact player for a poor team.

Eh, I'd probably still take Lowry over Vasquez. Watching Lowry play at his BEST is awesome.

John Wall is overrated. Plays for the "ooooh's and aaaah's". Has potential, but man he's regressing.

Kemba Walker. Seriously? He's not getting better than what he is now.

Jeff Teague? HAHA.

Tyreke Evans isn't a point guard...

You have Mike Conley twice... This is still a debate. Lowry on the Grizzlies in my opinion wouldn't look much different.

Try again.