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Thread: Everything Kyle Lowry.

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    I can't pinpoint when it happened but at some point this year Lowry checked out mentally.

    At the start of the year, he was driving, shooting, going for steals, bodying up his man, grabbing rebounds and consistently being a pest. Now, it's like he's allergic to scoring and is going through the motions on defense.

    I don't know what's going on but he is not performing anywhere near the level they need him to be at. His stats are pretty much at his career numbers but the overall performance, night-to-night, doesn't merit much enthusiasm.

    We'll see. Next year is a contract year and players always show up for those. Of course, Colangelo will likley give him a 4-year extension to wipe out any motivation he has....

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    I think it happened at the 1st match against Portland where he got hurt again he definitely isnt himself.

    Lowry needs to get back to his normal self yes he is trying to be a regular guard but thats not why we got him....If we wanted traditional we would have traded for Dragic or kept Calderon...Im hoping that a fresh start come October with his friends Gay and DeRozan will light him up some as well as it being a contract year. The elder Raps have checked out cause there is nothing to play for they hyped playoffs playoffs playoffs big this season and they are falling short its pretty embarrassing but it is their fault you have to play every game 100% anything can happen not every game is a gimme. The mentality is weak.

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