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Thread: If Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight

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    Quote Letter N wrote: View Post
    What are you basing this on?

    Every player you named beside Irving there has played zero NBA games.
    Good point. It is strictly 100% opinion and I very well could be wrong. But quick search of rationale in my head:

    JV forte is the pick and roll as is Irving's.

    C's are harder to come by than PF's.

    I'm not sure how wise it is to have 2 undersized guards manning the backcourt who typically both need the ball to be effective.

    I also should not have even mentioned Beal or MKG because they were gone when CLE picked last year.

    TT and Waiters were both significant reaches in my opinion.

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    If the Bobcats were run slightly better than the Raptors were, I'd consider it. As it stands this is a team with no coaching and have been in rebuilding mode pretty much since they started the franchise.

    C's will always be harder to come by than PF's, and they also historically take longer to develop. This is why I've always favored the idea of building that position via free agency or trades. Most of the other good teams follow the same approach, because when you're already a good team you don't have time to wait for the 3-5 years it takes for these guys to develop. Not to mention that after those 5 years, quite a few of those guys turned out to be a bust. Remember even after year 3 when we still thought Bargnani might start rebounding "this is the year, I can feel it! we have a new coach and everything!". Let someone else sit through those years of coaching and conditioning and when that player is ready, swoop in with an unbelievable deal or contract, winning culture, and just take him away. That's the way to do things.

    I think what Matt is saying is that Cleveland's nucleus would look awesome if they had made those choices, but not necessarily guaranteeing a great team. I tend to agree with both sides.. if Cleveland had drafted JV, evne though he hasn't played a single game it would "look" good. You'd have some fans at least getting excited about their prospects. Very different situation over there than Toronto, because they actually enjoyed some success before their superstar went away.
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