I guess I'm bored so here goes for nothing.

Atlanta Hawks: 1-3 VS Raps
The Hawks are on a steadily decline, even without Joe Johnson, the Hawks have Josh Smith, this is his contract year, so I would assume he would be putting a monster season and a chance to play in the allstar game. Al Horford when healthy is gonna crash the boards for the Hawks, with the new addition of rookie John Jenkins and FA in Louis Williams, the Hawks may not woe for the loss of Joe Johnson. The Raps will be able to beat this team fairly easy this year.
Prediction: 7th in the East

Boston Celtics: 2-2 VS Raps
The Celtics with the loss of Ray Allen and the aging Garnett and Pierce, they will not make that much noise in the playoff but still consider as a contender, they will slowly move up the spot in the Eastern Conferences. With the new addition of FA in Jason Terry, a journeyman of a scorer, the Raps will need to play tough defense and find one or two players to contain Paul Pierce.
Prediction: 4th in the East

Brooklyn Nets: 2-2 VS Raps
The Nets are getting so much better this year, with a healthy lineup of D.Will, Joe Johnson, Wallace, and Lopez, they will make to the playoff and make some noise in the season. This team will give Raps a lot of trouble and we will see whether the Raps can handle them at their best or somehow sneak them by injure one of their players when season comes along.
Prediction: 5th in the East

Charlotte Bobcats: 1-3 VS Raps
I guess i give the Bobcats too much credits where we could sweep the season with them but I look at the emerging rookie in Michael Kidd Gilchirist, I see them giving the Raps some heat when the season tags along. Kemba Walker is a terrific scorer and will match well with Kyle Lowry while Bargs will be able to handle Byombo from the arc.
Prediction: 12th in the East

Chicago Bulls: 3-1 VS Raps
The Bulls without Rose, is not a playoff team, the Raps could outplay them for one game but when Rose is healthy, I see them pushing back for the No1 or 2 spot in the Eastern Conference.
Prediction: 3rd in the East

Cleveland Cavs: 2-2 VS Raps
The Cavs are improving this upcoming season with the newer addition of rookie in Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller, I see them making a playoff push. The Raps will have to watch out for the Cavs, now they have Waiters, Irving will have a big year, will we be able to contain both scorer off the dribble, we will see, at least our front court is million miles ahead of their Tristan Thompsons and Anderson Varejao.
Prediction: 10th in the East

Indiana Pacers: 3-1 VS Raps
The Pacers give the Heat a run in the playoff and will only get better this season with their players returning back from FA. Paul George will have a big career this upcoming season, I see him posting up at least 15ppg and 5rpb. Granger will torch us as always while Jonas will have a handful season versus Hibbert.
Prediction: 2nd in the East

Miami Heat: 3-1 VS Raps
God forbid the Heat sweep the season versus the Raps. The Heat will have a lot to prove and defend his title as in last season was short and their championship could be a fluke but with a whole 82 season, the Heat will pack some fire and many teams will play with a chip on their shoulder against this team. When April comes along, look out as in the Heat might lose its fire engine and get beatened by one of the dark horses of a team. The Raps will be lucky to win at least one game versus them.
Prediction: 1st in the East

Milwaukee Bucks: 2-2 VS Raps
The Bucks have a lot to prove this upcoming season, with the emerging star in Ersan Ilyasova and their back court are solidified with Jennings and Ellis, they will make some noise in the season and will give Raps tons of trouble. Larry Sanders is a decent center while adding rookie in John Henson will only make this team better.
Prediction: 8th in the East

New York Knicks: 2-2 VS Raps
The Knicks will regret not signing Nash or Lin. Felton is an all washed up PG and he will not look to distribute play to either of Anthony or Stoudamire. The Knicks will be back to lottery but will give Raps a headache when season roams along.
Prediction: 9th in the East

Orlando Magic: 0-4 VS Raps
The Magic will possibly win the lottery and get the No1 or No2 draft pick so they can get one of Cody Zeller, Nerlens Noel or Shabazz Muhammad. This team gonna suck this year so the Raps should have no problem of defeating or sweep the series.
Prediction: 14th in the East

Philidelphia 76ers: 2-2 VS Raps
They get Bynum but so what, Bynum can't single handlely make this team better, they will woe the loss of Igoudala and Elton Brand while they will have to look for some other scorer to make this team better in the offseason and they will have to find ways to resign Bynum and Holiday. The Raps should be able to beat or square with the team but we will see.
Prediction: 11th in the East

Washington Wizards: 1-3 VS Raps
The Wizards instantly got better with Bradley Beals but their front court is awful now with Andrej Blatche out of the way, are they gonna play both Okafor and Nene at the same time. Wall will make some noise and possibly get a notch in the allstar game but I don't see them getting any better and possibly worse and back to the lottery. The Raps should have no problem of either sweeping them or lose one game.
Prediction: 13th in the East

So this puts Raps the 6th spot in the East and looks like we will be facing the Bulls, if Rose is healthy, we will not be able the series with them but if Rose is not at his 100%, we just might be last year's 76ers and upset this team and move to the 2nd round. It will be a good matchup

Lowry > 50% Rose
DeRozan > Hamilton
Fields < Deng
Bargs > Boozer
Jonas = Noah

Calderon = Hinrich
Ross > Brewer
Kleiza > Whoever is their backup SF
Davis = Taj Gibson
Amir > Whoever is their backup C