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Man, Anyone who isn't listening to Jalen and Jacoby giving the people what they want every week on the Jalen Rose Show from Grantland is sorely missing out. Always was a Jalen fan but since I found this about a year ago it's gone to a whole new level. Funny as hell, talks about all kinds of things candidly (the 81 pts, how shit Smitch was, stepping under Kobe, Fab Five days, player trades...) that you never hear guys be so frank about. So refreshing in this day and age of "brand" protection and prewritten soundbites.

Gotta check it out, if just for the stories about Champagnin' and Campaignin', Imports and The Mansion. Only thing he's not touched on so far is Skip.
Couldnt agree more. Havent missed a BS report since they started ... but Jalen and Jacoby are a damn close second ... hes classic .. and super relevant about all kinds of shit .. bball, football, pop culture, you name it. Everyone should be listening ...