Some key points that Colangelo mentioned:

This year is much more stable in comparison to last season. Last season was more of a culture shift; whereas the ‘plan’ has accelerated significantly this season.

There’s been a power-shift in the East. Teams like Atlanta, Boston, and Orlando seem to be in decline; whereas there a few teams on the rise. Colangelo feels that Toronto is one of those teams on the rise.

This upcoming season reminds BC of his first season with the Raptors – a chance to revamp the team and make some noise.

BC is really excited about the newcomers, in particular Kyle Lowry, who is ‘tough as nails’.

DeMar is much bigger and stronger this year. The goal for him will be getting to the basket much more. Colangelo commented that DeRozan will never be a ‘great 3-point shooter’, but that he will be mostly working on attached the rim to get his points, as well as improving his rebounding and defense.

Kyle Lowry will make DeMar DeRozan better.

Valancuinas will not be a go-to guy nor a back-to-the-basket player right away. But he’s a fighter. JV will bring great energy and hustle; and he’s tremendous at running the floor on both ends. He’ll have an impact both defensively and offensively.

Andrea will never be a great rebounder.

Colangelo has never been as confident in a coach as he is now in Dwane Casey.

Regarding the organization: “It is one of the best run sports organiziations that I’ve been exposed to”