I've pretty much given up on the chase for Rudy Gay after the new ownership change in Memphis, however there are two opportunities that came up recently we could pounce on:

Opportunity One:
Darrell Arthur in Memphis out for 4-6 weeks:

Memphis will need a backup PF.

Opportunity Two:

John Wall in Washington out for 8 weeks:

Washington will need a PG.

Since it's the start of a new season, even a team like Washington who has been tanking may want to try and produce wins now rather than fold so quickly. Memphis would need a backup PF to help out Randolph who was also injured for part of last year, so finding a legit backup is important.

Trade Idea One:

Toronto: Gay
Memphis: Ariza, DeRozan, Davis, 2013 2nd round pick from NY (Washington's)
Washington: Calderon

Rational: Toronto gets their stud wing. Memphis gets a SF in Ariza that has playoff experience and can fill in for Gay (plus is a good outside shooter which Memphis needs), plus Davis to fill in for Arthur and DeRozan to give them the slashing wing that still has potential and is an expiring contract. The 2013 2nd round pick is thrown in from the Calderon trade to Washington. Washington on the other hand gets a legit point guard to help the team for two months while Wall recovers. He can then become part of their backup unit and is an expiring contract which is definitely a bonus for a rebuilding team.

Trade Idea Two:

Toronto: Gay
Memphis: Ariza, Ross, AJohnson, 2013 2nd round pick from NY (Washington's)
Washington: Calderon

Rational: Basically similar to trade one, except we swap Ross for DeRozan and Amir for Davis. I'd prefer trade 1 since Ross is still an unknown but that would be giving Memphis a lottery pick for Gay which is really what he'd be worth and what they could be asking for.

Gay may not be for sale especially for a backup PF.. considering they still have Speights. However no time like the present to enquire about him (ie, before camp really opens).