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Thread: Chat with David Thorpe (ESPN)

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    Default Chat with David Thorpe (ESPN)

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    Kyle (san antonio)

    how about richard jefferson for chris bosh? or can spurs or should spurs trade manu ginobili or should they get someone like gerald wallace or corey of the warriors

    David Thorpe (12:14 PM)

    Kyle, Bosh is a top 10 player in the league. Maybe top 6. Think about that.
    Will (Bristol UK)

    you'd put Bosh above Duncan, dirk, howard, durant, garnett D-will and others im sure im forgetting (as you said top 6)

    David Thorpe (12:22 PM)

    Pretty much, yep
    Coach (NYC)

    Bosh over pau?

    David Thorpe (12:27 PM)
    Richard (TX)

    Come on, coach. Bosh doesn't belong above many of those guys you said you'd rank him higher than, unless you only care about offensive numbers. The guy is a sieve on defense, isn't a legit #1 guy despite the numbers, and his lack of defensive impact is a big reason Toronto has always been a loser with him as the main guy. He's a perfect #2 in the mold of a Pau Gasol, but he should NEVER be ranked higher than any legit #1. Period. It's not just about numbers, it's about impact leading to winning. It's not as though Toronto hasn't had talent around him, either. He's just not a #1.

    David Thorpe (12:40 PM)

    I don't like the "#1" stuff. Before Pau, what good was Kobe's
    Terry (Madison)

    "Bosh is a top 10 player in the league. Maybe top 6" LBJ, Kobe, Duncan, Dirk, Wade, D Howard, Melo, Durant, CP3, Nash. Thats was pretty easy to come up with 10 players better than Bosh.

    David Thorpe (12:36 PM)

    Let's agree to disagree. I'm not sure how official these top 10 lists are anyway
    Kenan (Toronto)

    Why is Demar Derozen not on the rookie team? Considering James Harden has played worse this year.

    David Thorpe (12:34 PM)

    Harden is better, and is playing better.

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    Default .

    I thought this was interesting:

    "Hayden (Logan, Ut)

    will LBJ be considered the best to ever play?
    David Thorpe (12:31 PM)

    Top 2 is my best guess now."

    I tend to agree. And if we know anything from the Jordan Bulls era, you'll need at least 3 legit perennial allstars to compete seriously. Hopefully Bargs becomes the second. Demar as the third..? But we need to find one.

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    Somebody at ESPN thinks the Raptors have a top ten piece.

    Thorpe didn't respond to the guy who posted the alternate top ten, he should've given him his own.

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    Americans can be so ignorant and stupid sometimes (or a lot of the time) - they barely watch any Raptor games all year and make these stupid comments about Bosh not being top 10 or Bosh being traded, or Bosh not liking Canada, blah blah blah.....just shut up

    Raptors will continue to play under the radar and that's fine....they're playing inspired ball right now and looking like great playoff contenders.....

    With the Leafs continuing to suck, maybe the ridiculous obsession and passion this country has for hockey (over-kill) will shift to the Raps.....the Leafs are cool and all, but RAPTORS first and this losing that the Leafs are doing is great for the Raps.....they're starting to make some noise in this overly-obsessed puck town and hopefully the Raps will get to the younger viewers and show them that basketball can be just as entertaining (waaayy better than) as hockey

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