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So I got NBA League Pass Broadband (International League Pass actually) last season and every game was blacked out. However, with the use of a proxy or VPN service (like the one I use --> http://unblock-us.com/), I was able to watch every game without a hitch. I was even able to get games that were nationally televised (including the playoffs)!!!
Another thing NBA League Pass Broadband allows is that you can view any regular season game 24 - 48 hours after it has aired (I think playoffs was 72 hours, not sure though).

Now I can't say the same thing will work again (cause they may have made changes to block this, not sure), but I'll be getting it again this season and if its anything like last year, its gonna be awesome! ^_^
Thanks man! If you dont mind posting again here maybe a week or two after the season starts and let us know if it worked again?