According to a source, Calderon is looking to be traded. At the deadline

Toronto send DeRozan, Calderon, Davis, 2012 2nd rounder
OKC send Harden, Perry Jones, Andy Rautins

Raps Lineups

Thunder Lineups

Why Raps: The price of this trade is getting Harden who will become a FA this summer so we can resign him or use him as a trade bait but with the players we have, Harden might wanna resign with us and we have the caps to do so. P.Jones is a project but until midseason, we will see how much of a project this player needs to develop, I think he could be our SF of the future even though he's more suited at the 4, a power 3 and stretch 4, a player he is. Andy Rautins is just a filler beside he's the son of Leo Rautins so might get some props from the fans lol.

Why Thunder: Calderon is a great backup behind Westbrook whereas DeRozan gets to play one of the best players in NBA in Durant. DeRozan is exactly what the Thunder ask for, a slicing SG who can defend and compete with bigger SG in the Western Conference. Davis will be able to start for the team at the PF spot while pushing Ibaka at the 5 spot.