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That was my first guess. I am trying to force my way through volume four. Tough sledding.
Oh man. Book 3 was so good that you're probably suffering from withdrawal. Volume 4 from Game of Thrones was very much like Volume 5 from the series Game of Colangelo. Long and drawn out.. an entire volume about characters you couldn't care less about. By the time you finish it you're sitting there very angry and thinking -- it took him 5 years to produce this crap?!

The contrast in quality between book 3 and book 4 is not unlike the contrast between Volume 1 and Volume 5 from the Game of Colangelos. Incidentally they both came 5 years apart. This analogy just keeps on giving! The RR facebook post is also "Winter's coming. So are the Raptors." Hahaha..