It would appear as though Jose's broken his silence and isn't satisfied with his minutes played.

And so it begins. I don't expect Jose lasting beyond the trade deadline. It was nice knowin' ya.

This was courtesy of the Spanish publication

"I'm not satisfied with my minutes"
"Particulary I would like to continue but, if there's a trade I'd go. You've got to be prepared for everything."
Somewhat better translation via the RealGM via Google:

Jose, can you say that you recovered yet?
- Calderón: "Yes I'm fine. I finally without problems of any kind. Physically better than long."
- And yet not regain ownership.
- Calderón: "For the moment it seems not. But look, the bottom line is to be good for the team. It is true that you always feel like they hold but here in this league is very good bench players and nothing happens. Al After the minute is that you play.
- Ya, but the minute I met you play?
- Calderón: "Well, no game what satisfies me. But no problem with that"
- You sure?
- Calderón: "Sure. Let's see, I'm pissed off, I'm not pissed off twenty-three minutes played per game. Of course I like to play more. You always want to play anymore. It is normal and part of the desire to be best player ever. But that is something that the coach decides. "
- But it is not justified by the recovery because you're well ...
- Calderón: "Yes, yes, I am already physically perfect. I mean, that's not for me. And if I have to play more there is no problem."
- It seems that you look as happy as before. I can see for example in the celebrations of track, becoming less frequent in you. Some think even free throws.
- Calderón: "Well, these things happen. I've been away a long time and until you catch the rhythm and begin to work out things is clear that you're frustrated. But anyway, there are always things you want to leave otherwise and that's it. Do not give more laps. And what of the free throws than anyone else worry that I'm very clear. What I did last year is something that happens only once and not going to happen next. I'll be back to be by the eighty-something percent and regain my usual touch. But it is illogical to believe we can repeat it once last year.
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