Sorry, didn't know what category to put this in, but it was a really nice story.

My coach, Collin MacDonald, a former assistant coach of the University of British Columbia, told my team a story about Canada basketball and their struggles to win during training camp.

During camp, we were working on basic fundamental passing and dribbling. After the segment of camp, he told us an interesting story that relates to being able to have a capable handle, and the ability to move the ball.

He was at a conference a little time ago, and was discussing with former coaches PJ Carlesimo, and Jay Triano. They were discussing Canada basketball, and such, and to quote what my coach was told by Triano.

"We most definitely have a top 10 talent team in the world, we are a hard-working bunch, but yet we end up bottom of the pack. The reason why, is we just can't PASS THE BALL. The women's and men's team both have troubles in everything to do with passing, turnovers, movement, etc. We only had one guy who could EVER do that over average, and of course, it was Steve."

Than of course, our coach went on to teach that the need to protecting the ball, passing it, giving the right pass to the right target, etc is extremely important for us to be successful.

Any thoughts? I knew ball movement is CRUCIAL in International play, being there is barely any superstar type game-play like the NBA, but I found this extremely interesting, and with our new young guys in Joseph, Wiggins (future), Thompson, Sacre, it could be something to look forward too.