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An interesting question on the unrestricted part and trades. If I'm over the cap, sign a free agent to an one year deal and trade him next in a deal for other players I'll assume I'm trading the contract, meaning he remains unrestricted after the season. Same goes for incoming players; they'll come with the contract they have including, when on one year deals, restricted or unrestricted.
You can trade players signed over cap but you need to remember that you won't be able to re-sign your own players while over cap and you won't be able to extend a player(if we bring that in) while over cap. You also won't be able to sign your draft picks in the off-season if you're still over cap. Basically the penalty for going over cap is that you are then strictly limited to what's on the wire from there on out until you drop below cap again.

For the other team, they have no right to re-sign that player as is so he's still a rental even if that team is below cap.

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But now assume the teammanager I traded him too wants to sign him to a longer deal (is under the cap and has enough FA money left to win a bid), can he drop the player and resign him to a new deal which, because he's under the cap, would either be a longer deal or make him restricted after the season? This is probably (only) limited by the rule that you can't pick up a guy on waivers when you dropped him yourself?
I don't see a problem with it if he wants to blow his budget doing it. It would beg to question why he would do that when he could have probably just won a bid for him prior to the trade.

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Btw, Apollo, did you see that we have a match up in the first week in both the keeper and dynasty league? You'd better get a head start and buy a bag of tissues to get you through that week.
I'm shaking in my fantasy booties.