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I propose a slight rule change to be made in the off-season. Call me out if I'm totally out of line on this, please.

I am of the opinion, that in the current set up, those managers who are at the 40-year-cap actually hold a slight advantage over Managers who are not, by being able to sign and drop players off the waiver wire as they please with no consequence to their cap situation.

I believe those Managers who are NOT at the Cap limit, should have the option of signing the player to a deal for the remainder of the season that does not count against their cap, by waiving their right to restricted free-agency of that player.

And we could streamline the book keeping a bit as well with this, as any player who is declared to be signed in this regard will simpy be left off the books altogether; similar to what the masterful Soft Euros doing now with those players signed to Capped out teams.

And then any player not on a teams books is in the pool at the end of the year.

What do you guys think?
I was thinking the same thing too. Chances are if your at 40+ your not going to find a player on waivers who you'll extend so there isn't much of a penalty. It seems like its penalizing those under the cap and rewarding those over the cap with a shopping spree. I like your idea, I'm all for it.